WOLFMANGLER/Dead Raven Choir -Evil blackened and doomed death.
My Cat is an Alien -Channeling the essence of Sun Ra and space entities unknown to man kind.
The Goslings -The slow sounds of the end of existence captured on decaying tape.
That Scoundrel -Rock band and children of Mevlins, Jesus Lizard, Primus, etc.

Labels and Distro
aRchive -Live (and sometimes studio) recordings of great bands in a great layout.
IMPORTant Records -Excellent releases, excellent service.
aQuarius Records -Aquarius will have something of anything that youll ever need, as well as things youll never need.
Second Layer -Blokes that carry a few releases of mine. Solid people!
Elegant Trainwreck -Another label promoting Mississippi alt culture!

Alchimie Visuelle. Awesome art display and has worked with several musicians.
Arik Roper's personal site. Great artist and conspirator of many great works of album art.