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acre005 - That Scoundrel "Curtains/Mean Gene" 7inch

Years ago I started this label to do Mississippi music. Seeing as I released 7inches for bands from Pland, England, and Western USA,
you can make an accurate guess as to how well that went. Finally Short Forest does what it was designed to do and is releasing a 7inch
by an amazing band from Jackson, MS called That Scoundrel. This band was an instant favorite and are one of the few bands that keeps
an alternative, heavy rock sound without feeling dated. Melvins, Primus, Jesus Lizard, a few others come to mind when I think of
That Scoundrel and they do so because Scoundrel rocks like no other! Cover artwork by Jamie Vayda.

The fuzz-rock juggernaut continues to power through the music world like an icebreaker through the Arctic seas, refusing to be halted or to give
way to anything in its path. Whether it's your bag or not, it's not looking like vanishing any time soon. Mississippi trio That Scoundrel
have a buzz in their amps, a heavy hand on their guitars and a growl in their throats. Their record collection is likely to consist of
classic rock and proto-metal groups, garage, punk, hardcore and no-wave bands. In short, these three, totally unashamedly, rock like they don't
give a shit.

The Sound of Confusion

8.50 shipped in the US. 9.50 shipped to Canada. 10.50 to the rest of the world, or check with your local distributor!


acre004 Cicada Creek "Swampedelic" CDr

Swampadelic jams from deep MS. Limited.

Lovely, Serene, Dreamy. Or is it Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
C. Robin

Joy Division mated with More-era pink floyd and a bit of sonic youth, radiohead and sun ra, is what it reminds me of.
Meandering nightime blues songs in outer space. Alien and icy, but yet earthy and raw. "Dagaboh sound system" should
be 100 minutes long, but most importantly this is transcendent stuff (and though I like that word a lot, it's not one I throw
around often or flippantly), it takes the listener places, and leaves strong vivid images.

A. Rials



acre003 - Expo 70/iamseamonster Split 7inch + 3inch CDr

I discovered both Expo 70 and iamseamonster and immediately began thinking of doing a release with both
artists. Expo 70 and iamseamonster have managed to create stunning ambient work in a genre whose
musicians are sometimes uneasy to identify. With the help of Small Doses, both of these
promising artists have more music for you to hear!

Mail order copies came with a 3inch CDr that is limited to 100.

a split single with expo 70's "you" era gong tribute on the first side, then a slightly more gain-destroyed
guitar/feedback drone burner from iamseamonster on the flip ...
nice one ; wouldn't burn down any churches over it, but has a nice obscuro-flair.
packaging is lovely, well beyond the standard copy-shop job ...
Mimaroglu Music

Another gorgeous chunk of spacey tripped out downtuned space kraut doom from aQ faves Expo '70. This time they're sharing a 7"
with another favorite of ours, the droney, drifty I Am Seamonster. Expo '70's track begins super minimal and SUNNO))) like, a slow
motion riff, the guitar thick and heavy and distorted, riding a single chord, while all around effects whirl and swirl and streak,
very mantra like and hypnotic, spaced out and druggy, part way through a second guitar offers some melodic counterpoint, some
woozy spidery lysergic minor key leads that sound sun baked even as they drift through the inky blackness, the sound managing to
somehow sound both desert and space-y simultaneously. We hadn't heard anything from I Am Seamonster since their (sadly)
now out of print Nebulum cd-r. The track here seems to expand on the IAS sound on Nebulum, crafting a gorgeous landscape of deep
guitar swells, each one wreathed in different effects, crumbly and buzzy, blown out and blurred, the sound at its peak is white
hot, but occasionally drift back to something cooler and washed out. Layers of high end settle atop the undulating rumbles and
whirs, deep percussive guitars chime and ring out, everything bathed in a blurry shoegazey haze, the guitars slipping and
shimmering, the result almost orchestral. So so nice. Beautiful packaging too, silk screened, metallic blue and silver on
black, the back side die cut to reveal the record and sleeve.

Aquaris Records



acre002 - Jazzfinger "Prayer Wheel/Soar Pt. 1" 7inch

Jazzfinger are the masters of the ethereal, and this release is a continuation of their esoteric and singular
sound. Their abstract and mystical sounds are perfectly framed by images created by Richard Forbes - Hamilton. Hand assembled, limited.
Click image for larger picture. More pics: 1, 2, 3.

Don't miss out on this stunning set of art.

A few years ago I had to drive home from Kansas City at 2 in the morning in a
blizzard. I tuned into the college radio station (KJHK) and they were playing an
industrial-type drone thing that seemed to last almost 45 minutes. It was the
perfect soundtrack for that night. It was snowing so hard that if I turned my brights
on my visibility was virtually zero. Rather than put me to sleep, the music kept me
focused on my driving. I could only go 40 MPH, but the sounds were
reassuring--even encouraging. It was if they were playing the music of the snow.
When I finally got into town, the snow subsided as the track ended.
The DJ came on and said it was Jazzfinger.

P. Brimrod

may 2008 release ; the second release on kyle gatlin's short forest & ... to my knowledge at least, the first
domestic vinyl by the excellent, long-running newcastle, u.k. psych-drone collective jazzfinger. two pieces ; one
a scrabbly-guitar oriented junket w/reed-wheeze, the other a crispy chord-organ / feedback duet ... lovely clear-spiral cut to boot

Mimaroglu Music

It's been a while since we've heard from UK experimental drone/noise duo Jazzfinger, but that just means we probably
missed about 20 super limited cassette and cd-r releases. This here is the very first 7" from JF, and offers yet another
side to their sound, this one a gorgeously minimal buzz drenched lo-fi raga.
The A side is all warbly guitar scrape and scrabble, over some wheezing lo-fi buzz, the sound warped and woozy, bits
of electronic grit and glitch, very hypnotic, like some alien Appalachia, but minus the twang, and way more whir
and buzz. The B side opens with a keening high end drone that sounds
like a feeding back bagpipe, unfurling a strange stately raga over a buzzing static drenched melody, the sound
like some crumbling tape being played back on a dictaphone, everything wreathed in glorious grit, buried beneath a
lo-fi hum, very reminiscent of the more rag-like recordings of Dan Higgs, but much more minimal and abstract. Really cool.
Gorgeous full color artwork, hand assembled, pressed on clear vinyl, and of course SUPER LIMITED!!!
Aquaris Records

8.50 shipped in the US. 9.50 shipped to Canada. 10.50 to the rest of the world, or check with your local distributor!


acre001 - WOLFMANGLER "Hungry Hungry Wolves" 7inch

First Short Forest release. Available now! Another masterpiece by WOLFMANGLER. Blackened, woodsy, bleak...
an EP full of the renowned folk/acoustic dirge that can only come from WOLFMANGLER. The painting,
Bolschewismus heisst die Welt im Blut ersaufen, was created by Joh Safis and is directed at the fight against Bolshevism.
Click image for larger picture.

8.50 shipped in the US. 9.50 shipped to Canada. 10.50 to the rest of the world, or check with your local distributor!